Our Apennines, our land

Some itineraries for trekking and mountain bike


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Our Apennines, whose ridge acts as a border with Umbria and Tuscany, is rich in sites that have a great environmental and historical value.
Interlacing pathways, mule tracks, local roads – mostly dirt – that connect the ridge routes with the buttress ones, offer the possibility of taking excursions, by mountain bike, on foot or by horse, going to impressive places where you will feel immersed in the special atmosphere of these spaces where flora and fauna seem to follow their natural course. And man? Is man an extraneous element? Of course not. These have been inhabited places for centuries, but the wisdom of our people, the knowledge that the survival of the community was strictly connected to natural environmental cycles, allowed them to develop a respectful civilization, that grew in symbiosis with nature. The ground has been used according to what it could offer, changed if necessary but never plundered or used unnaturally.
So it is possible to bump into small flocks of deer in green natural fields, to cross secular beech woods and be subdued by their grandeur, to suddenly discover the existence of an old grey-stone farmhouse so well inserted in its surroundings that it is almost imperceptible, to observe the charcoal burner‘s activity, engaged in this ancient work that is still done, and you can have a chat with them.
On the page four routes among many possible routes are indicated: from the easier ones that wind long old country roads through soft hill landscapes, so similar to the backgrounds used in Raffaello’s and Piero della Francesca’s works, to the more technically difficult ones that, going up buttresses, arrive at the ridge, where they intercept the beginning of the G.E.A. (Great Apennine Excursion) path that from our Bocca Trabaria pass goes to the Ligurian Apennines.
Anyway all of them are fascinating for those who know how to appreciate enjoying real things.

Borgo Pace Cal Bianchino

  Length: 23 Km
Ascent level: 498 mt.
Descent level: 396 mt.
Maximum height reached: 857 mt.

Lamoli Borgo Pace

  Length: 32 Km
Ascent level: 673 mt.
Descent level: 812 mt.
Maximum height reached: 1196 mt

Palazzi Lamoli

  Length: 41 Km
Ascent level: 990 mt.
Descent level: 670 mt.
Maximum height reached: 1062 mt.

Mercatello sul Metauro Peglio

  Length: 25, 2Km
Ascent level: 579 mt.
Descent level: 512 mt.
Maximum height reached: 690 mt.