On the Upper Metauro

Places of cultural interest


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Borgo Pace’s town hall
The environment of the Upper Metauro
Borgo Pace and the other towns of theUpper Metauro
Photos of Borgo Pace  taken by Franco Fontana
The paths for trekking
Cultural events in the territory
A precious product of the Upper Metauro: the white truffle
Old spa "Pitinum Thermae"
Urbino ideal city of the Renaissance
Sansepolcro where Piero della Francesca was born
La Verna San Francesco’s hermitage
Gubbio the city of the candle race
San Leo with it’s Rocca di Cagliostro
Arezzo medieval Tuscan city

Places of environmental interest

Grotte di Frasassi, naturally made caves
Parco Simone and Simoncello ideal for trekking
Furlo Gorge