The route starts in the localities of Palazzi, winding through the most typical natural environment of the Upper Metauro Valley. It starts from a height of 384 mt. and reaches its highest point, 1062 mt., in the localities of Montaccio; then it descends with characteristic paths, that are also difficult from a technical point of view, to the small and charming village of Lamoli ( 600 mt. ). In Lamoli you will be able to visit the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Michele Arcangelo delle Lamole, whose origins date back to the IX century, a perfectly restored jewel of Romanic architecture. The route continues through paths and single tracks and also on well- trodden ground, permitting bikers to enjoy 360 degree views: from the karsts of Nerone, Catria and Cucco, to the regional park of Sassi di Simone and Simoncello. During the excursion there are many historical and cultural places to visit, such as the imposing guard tower of Metola and the old defensive bulwark of Massa Trabaria.