The “Oasi Verde” (Green Haven) park – La Diligenza

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The park is in the entrance to Borgo Pace that rises by the Meta’s riverside.
The parks looks immediately pervaded with deep harmony and quietness. It’s characterized by charming and beautiful foreshortenings that recalls very romantic places like English or French old gardens.
Just outside the built-up area of Borgo Pace, the streams Meta and Auro flow together in a level land and give origin to the Metauro, the historic river whose several fresh and sulphureous springs has been esteemed since the Roman age.
Nowadays, as a mark of the historical rule of the river, a lot of important archaeological finds are excavated just in these places.
In the “Oasi Verde” (Green Haven) park, a sulphureous spring feeds a lovely shower whose jet leaks from a seashell held in a little siren’s hand.

Sulphureous shower “La Diligenza”

They are called sulphureous waters containing 1 mg, or more, of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) per litre.
In Italy, sulphureous mineral waters usually have a pH of less than 8.
Sulphureous water flowing in the park “Oasi Verde” has curative properties. In fact, in addition to the compounds of bivalent sulphur, it contains other important elements like sulphates, carbon dioxide, chlorides and sodium, iodides and bromides, bicarbonate, calcium, etc.
Chemical analysis:

SULPHIDES….2,81 gr.
CALCIUM…...38 mg/L
SULPHATES…..0,66 mg/L
NITRATES…...0,01 mg/L

Sulphureous waters have several good effects on epidermis, neurovegetative system, muscular and digestive system, locomotive and hepatic apparatus. They also have anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, and antiseptic effects.