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On request the centre offers its customers the possibility of an expert guide for various activities:

Tourist visits: an expert tourist guide will accompany you to rediscover many artistic sites and monuments , most of which are not known but are rich in history and charm. A safe way to know the place where you are staying or for those who want an in-depth history of one’s own land.

Naturalistic visits: An environmental excursionist guide will accompany you to show you the differences between what you can see and what is hidden to the human eye. A way to rediscover a part of nature with its history, its legends, and obviously the animals and plants that are part of it.

Historical anthropology: Led by a qualified guide, you will take some excursions aimed at rediscovering traces left by man in the past. Traces that are evidence of the direct relationship that humans had with nature and in general with the subject. From the woodsman’s world to the peasant’s world, a research of old lifestyles.

Orienteering: through this new way of moving in nature you will rediscover the enjoyment of being explorers, helped by a compass and topographic maps, in search of hidden torches. A sport that’s also a great game for both children and grown-ups in that there is active contact with nature and the environment.

Astronomy: A sky full of stars and planets and maybe even the presence of the moon; a beautiful rediscovery in a place where luckily the light pollution is minimal. That’s why with the help of personalized star maps and a telescope you will be guided in a trip through the stars. Of course this activity takes place during the night, but the more curious can do it in the day time too, watching our mother star: the Sun.